Purchasing Easy XML Editor/XML Assistant License(s)

When licensing our software,

  • All features of the applications are accessible
  • You are allowed to use our software for unlimited time
  • You may use all Updates and Bugfixes released for the application

Licensing Costs

For the applications you can purchase usage licenses, that means for every user or installation (accessible from only one computer) one license is needed. The licensing costs are:

Easy XML Editor: 20 Euro per license*

XML Assistant: 20 Euro per license*

*) There are volume discounts available. Which discounts are available, is accessible in the ordering process (see order links below).


To order our products, please follow the links below. The whole ordering process is handled by our distribution partner: MyCommerce (https://www.mycommerce.com).

=> Order licenses for Easy XML Editor

=> Order licenses for XML Assistant

If you want to order both products, please use this bundle 'Easy XML Edtior + XML Assistant'. You will get extra discount when ordering bundled.

=> Order Easy XML Editor and XML Assistant as a bundle

Mac OS: If you want to purchase Easy XML Editor for Mac OS: Easy XML Editor in Apple Store
Mac OS: If you want to purchase XML Assistant for Mac OS: XML Assistant in Apple Store